Congratulations to our class of 2020 scholarship recipients!

Applications for the class of 2021 will open in February 2021.


Below you will find information for available NCEF scholarships, links to download documents and forms, as well as a way to donate to your favorite scholarship fund.

Counselor Recommendation Form

All NCEF Scholarship applicants are required to submit a 'Counselor Recommendation Form.'

If you are applying for multiple scholarships you need only submit one form.

Bridges to Success

The Bridges to Success scholarship is awarded to North Clackamas School District graduating seniors with a 2.5 or higher GPA to attend community college, 4-year colleges and univerisities, or career school. The scholarship recognizes students who a depth of experience in helping their family and improving their community, are able to articulate a clear future plan, and demonstrate financial need. In 2016-17, NCEF awarded 13 Bridges to Success Scholarships to NCSD graduates to enable them to pursue their educational goals. 

Bapubhai B. Patel & Joseph A. Krumm Memorial Scholarship

in Broadcasting and Social Media

The Patel Krumm Broadcasting and Social Media Scholarship is for students who wish to pursue a career in the media arts. Bapubhai B. Patel and Joe Krumm were both lifelong supporters of the media arts. Joe worked as NCSD’s Director of Community and Government relations and was essential in building strong, collaborative relationships between the District and students, their families, and the community. Bapubhai B. Patel believed in reaching out to others to share what you know best, the Broadcasting and Social Media Scholarship allows its recipients to pursue that passion.

Students please contact Sabin Schellenberg for more information and to obtain an application for this scholarship.

Chartwells Culinary Scholarship

The Chartwells Culinary Scholarship is designed to decrease financial burden for North Clackamas School District graduating seniors who are participants of the Sabin-Schellenberg Culinary program and will be seeking a certification in a Culinary Arts, Nutrition Services, Food Science, or similar.This scholarship was created to help students passionate about the culinary arts. This scholarship recognizes financial need can be a barrier to students wishing to pursue a certification in the area of Culinary Arts.

Joe Krumm Memorial Scholarship


The North Clackamas Education Foundation has created a new scholarship fund in partnership with the North Clackamas Education Association (NCEA) in memory of Joe Krumm, former NCSD Executive Director of Community and Government Relations. Joe was a life-long musician and a strong advocate for equity in post-secondary opportunities for students. Its aim is to reduce financial barriers for students identified with specific learning and/or communication needs who also may be participants in NCSD music programs and are members of under-represented groups in post-secondary education.

Josh Critchett Memorial Scholarship

Each year a Clackamas High School student is awarded this scholarship in memory of Josh Critchett, a bright, caring, and ambitious 17 year old Clackamas High-School student, enjoying the Summer before his Senior year, when a small plane accident tragically ended his life. Josh's spirit, compassion, ambition, and memory live on through this scholarship and the students who utilize it to pursue their dreams.

The funds for the Josh Chritchett Memorial Scholarship are maintained through the North Clackamas Education Foundation. The scholarship application process is administered by Clackamas High School and the application is provided here for ease of access - if you are a CHS student interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact your school counselor.

Judith Ann (Smith) Hill STEM Scholarships

A $5,000 Hill STEM Scholarship has been established by Ken Hill in memory of his wife Judith. This scholarship is designed to redress the under representation of women in chemistry and the sciences. They are designed to support women students who are graduating seniors of Milwaukie High School.

Read Judith's Story

Leo Browne Instrumental Music Scholarship

Leo Browne spent most of his life in the Portland area, living in a house off of River Road in Jennings Lodge for more than 80 years. Leo was born with a musical spirit and claimed he began tapping out rhythms at an early age. Leo served with the US Army Band, and following his service obtained his Masters in Music Education at Lewis and Clark College, leading him to become a music instructor in Portland Public Schools, while also offering years of private percussion lessons at his Oak Grove home to many Putnam and Milwaukie High-School students. Leo had many students who became professional musicians and offer glowing testimonies about his impact on their lives. The Leo Browne Instrumental Music Scholarship aims to continue his impact and inspiration to the students of North Clackamas Schools.

Sandi DePaepe Memorial Scholarship

Each year a student from Clackamas High School will be awarded a scholarship in memory of Sandi Allen-DePaepe. Sandi was an ASPIRE mentor for four years at Clackamas High School. She helped many students apply for scholarships and college. It became obvious after her first-year volunteering that this was her passion. She loved her kids and loved hearing back from them after they heard back from colleges and scholarships. Sandi’s life was cut short by an aggressive renal cancer which overtook her in less than four months. This scholarship honors Sandi’s dedication to her community and the students of Clackamas High School. Preference for this scholarship will be for students who have utilized the ASPIRE program and demonstrate financial need.

Harold Taylor Scholarship (Application Deadline May 1st, 2020)

The Harold Taylor Scholarship is intended to support a graduating North Clackamas senior who may have experienced previous academic obstacles but has interest and potential in developing skills beyond high-school. The Taylor's were particularly interested in helping a young person who, in the opinion of school staff, may have struggled with school but has shown interest in further developing academic and/or trade skills.

Students must contact their school counselor for assistance in applying for this scholarship.

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