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District Programs

Milwauie, OR students deserve support

Supporting the Whole Child


NCEF supports a variety of programs which are hosted by the North Clackamas School District. Through them, students are fed, cared for, prepared to excel and emotionally nurtured.

Read below to learn about these programs and how they impact the North Clackamas community.

NCEF helps fund Backpack Buddies, an NCSD program.

The Backpack Buddies program provides food-insecure students in the North Clackamas School District with nutritious meals over the weekend, when school breakfast and lunch are not available. This growing program serves more than 800 students in 23 Head Start programs, elementary schools and middle schools.

You can donate to the Wichita Center through NCEF.

Located at Wichita Center, the North Clackamas Family Support Center brings together health and social services for the benefit of the local community and supports Oregon’s effort to improve education.

You can fund Lunch Buddies, an NCSD program, through NCEF.

A Lunch Buddy is someone to eat with, someone to talk to, someone to listen to, someone to laugh with and someone a child can depend on to be there for them. Want to volunteer? You'll spend 50 minutes once a week helping a child gain better relationships with their peers and feel better about their school community.

Donate to Ready, Set, Go! through NCEF online.

In partnership with Metropolitan Family Services, your donations opened this amazing kindergarten readiness program at Bilquist Elementary, which has a proven track record of increasing academic achievement not only in kindergarten but all the way through high school.

Ready, Set, Go! gives children ages 3 to 5 the opportunity to engage with their family and teachers in a fun environment as they build a strong educational foundation.

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