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Discretionary Grants

Discretionary Grants

The Discretionary Grant program is designed to support NCSD projects that fulfill NCEF's mission to:

—Ensure that students are engaged and ready to learn

—Support equity in educational outcomes


—Align our work with NCSD’s strategic goals and objectives.

Over the last three years, NCEF has awarded more than $100,000 in Discretionary Grants for projects such as the Rowe Middle School Wind and Oar project; Ready, Set, Go; and NCSD Family Support Services.

If you are interested in applying for a Discretionary Grant, or know of a program you think NCEF would be interested in helping to fund, please download and submit the form located at the bottom of this page or contact us at

Our Most Recent Discretionary Grant Awards

  • After-school Student, Staff and Family Cultural Enrichment, $150

  • Cesar E. Chavez Leadership Conference, $420

  • Cultural Sharing, Enrichment and Leadership, $430

  • Family Support, Food, Clothes, Hygiene Items and Services, $14,816

  • Family Support Services Transportation, $10,000

  • Fusion and Safety Town Scholarships, $1700

  • Pathways to Scholarships for High School Bilingual Students, $1,000

  • Ready, Set, Go (Preparing Students and their Families for Kindergarten), $25,000

  • Weekend Family Enrichment Program, $700

  • Wichita Center for Family and Community, $1,812

  • Wichita Family Enrichment Program, $700

  • Wind and Oar Pilot Project, $3,990

Apply for a Discretionary Grant

Do you have a project that is a good fit for a discretionary grant? NCEF is always happy to fund projects that engage students, support equity in educational outcomes and help the North Clackamas School District achieve their strategic goals. 

When determining your eligibility and writing your application, please refer to:

Applications may be submitted for consideration throughout the school year.


NCEF staff screen all applications. Those meeting the established criteria are presented to our Board of Directors or its authorized committee for consideration.


Please allow approximately 3-6 weeks for application processing. When a decision has been reached, the applicant will be notified promptly of the approval or denial of the grant proposal. 

We do not fund parties, field trips, transportation, outside consultants or salaries.

The usual grant size is $1,000 to $5,000, but we will consider all requests for funding. If funded, we request that you submit a final report including pictures to NCEF. 

Download the Discretionary Grant Application Form

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