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When you donate to NCEF, you help the students, teachers, and families of the North Clackamas School District by funding programs that:

  • Give enrichment project grants to teachers who want to innovate in the classroom or remotely

  • Provide meals to food-insecure students

  • Help North Clackamas families to hold on to their housing

  • Give scholarships to NCSD students who want to attend college

  • Support the NCSD Family Support Center at Wichita's Food Pantry, Clothes Closet & services for houseless people

You can donate directly to the program of your choice below, or make a general donation, which will power the programs that need the most help.

Double the power of your gift by checking to see if your employer has a matched giving program

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Your general donations to NCEF go to the NCSD programs that need them most.

General donations empower NCEF to put funding into the areas where it's most needed. By making a general donation today, you can help ensure that all of the programs NCEF supports are funded to the best of their potential.


General donations also allow us to expand our programs and ensure that students and teachers have the tools they need to succeed.

NCEF's enrichment grants give funding to innovative Oregon teachers.

Enrichment Grants

Each year, NCEF awards more than $25,000 in Educational Enrichment Grants to teachers throughout the district. These grants fund projects that engage students in learning, promoting positive outcomes and sustainability in education.


100% of your donation increases the funds available to to these valuable programs. (Note: NCEF is currently distributing enrichment grants for distance-learning projects during COVID-19.)

NCEF gives scholarships to Oregon students who reside in Clackamas County.


NCEF's scholarship fund allows us to increase our scholarship awards to graduating North Clackamas high school seniors, so that a lack of money for college isn't a barrier to these students pursuing their professional dreams.

You can make a general scholarship donation, which is used to supplement all scholarships, or leave the name of the specific scholarship you wish to donate to in the comment box on the donation form.

Your choices include the Sandi DePaepe Memorial Scholarship, the Leo Browne Instrumental Music Scholarship, the Judith Hill STEM Scholarship, and more.

NCEF helps fund Backpack Buddies, an NCSD program.

The Backpack Buddies program fights food insecurity by giving students in need a backpack full of food to take home over the weekend, a time when school breakfast and lunch is not available.


This program serves more than 800 students in North Clackamas and is continuing to grow.


Help ensure a child receives the nutrition they need to face the world head-on—make a donation today.

NCSD's Emergency Housing Fund Keeps Students & Families Housed.

Emergency Housing Fund

The Emergency Housing Fund alleviates some of the stress that comes with a sudden loss of income or unexpected expenses, through a one-time rental or utility payment.


Community resources for rental assistance are extremely limited, and with this fund, the NCSD Family Support Center at Wichita Center has helped keep North Clackamas families housed when a parent's work hours were suddenly reduced, or time off was needed due to an unexpected illness or emergency, such as wildfires.

You can donate to the Wichita Center through NCEF.

NCSD's Family Support Center (FSC) at Wichita Center brings together health and social services for the benefit of the local community and supports Oregon’s effort to improve education.


Your donations to this fund help improve the well-being of children and families in the North Clackamas School District by funding the FSC's Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Hygiene Closet, and Homelessness Services.

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The special education department works as a team and offers a continuum of services to lead each child to success.  Their team members include:  students, parents, classroom teachers, learning specialists, speech pathologists, school psychologists, autism specialists, occupational and physical therapists, school principals, counselors, nurses, instructional assistants, Special Education staff, and additional support personnel if needed. Each donation made to this department will go to supplement the needs of students and allows staff to implement support options which might not otherwise have funding.

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