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NCEF funds programs across North Clackamas County

Funding Programs Across North Clackamas Schools

The North Clackamas Education Foundation is proud to support the students, teachers and families of the North Clackamas School District in a variety of ways.


Our support ensures that all students in the district are engaged and ready to learn, by making sure their food and housing needs are met; their activity fees are paid; and their teachers have the resources they need to launch classroom enrichment projects.

NCEF Discretionary Grants

NCEF's Discretionary Grant program is designed to support NCSD projects that align with our mission to ensure students are engaged and ready to learn; that support equity in educational outcomes; and that align with NCSD’s strategic goals and objectives.

NCEF's North Clackamas School District Programs

NCEF supports a variety of programs from the North Clackamas School District. Each year, NCEF gives funds to pay for elementary, middle and high school activity fees and various district-wide projects. NCEF supports the Backpack Buddies and Lunch Buddies Mentor programs, as well as all of the programs provided by the Family Support Center at Wichita Center.

NCEF gives grants to Oregon teachers in the North Clackamas School District.

NCEF awards a minimum of $25,000 a year to teachers through our Enrichment Grants. These grants support programs which meet NCEF's mission and align with key NCSD achievement goals. This program has partnered with our Fund-a-Teacher program to allow your donations to go even further than before.

NCEF funds Clackamas County teachers with innovative projects.


The Fund-a-Teacher program allows the teachers of North Clackamas reach the community in big ways! Fund-a-Teacher gives teachers a platform to spread their ideas and share their requests across the internet, helping to bridge gaps between school funding and needed resources. Donors can choose to fund a variety of projects, or come to the page to support a specific teacher.

NCEF gives scholarships to Clackamas students.

NCEF offers a number of scholarships to graduating North Clackamas Schools seniors to help them pursue their dreams beyond high school. Many of our scholarship recipients would not otherwise attend college, and some may be first-generation college students. Our scholarships reach students from a variety of backgrounds who have a wide array of interests and goals.

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