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Scholarships for North Clackamas Students


The North Clackamas Education Foundation provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors who want to continue their education at a college/university or accredited career school of their choosing.

Available Scholarships;

  • Alex Hudson Memorial Scholarship

  • Bridges to Success

  • Bapubhai B. Patel & Joseph A. Krumm Memorial Scholarship in Broadcasting and Social Media

  • Chartwell's Culinary Scholarship

  • Harold Taylor Memorial Scholarship

  • Joe Krumm Scholarship

  • Josh Critchett Memorial Scholarship

  • Judith Ann (Smith) Hill STEM Scholarships

  • Leo Browne Instrumental Music Scholarship

  • Malcolm Ritzer Memorial Scholarship

  • Roland Aumueller "Coach Aum" Memorial Scholarship

  • Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Scholarship

  • Sandi DePaepe Memorial Scholarship

We extend a sincere thank you to all scholarship donors.

Learn more about our scholarships and access applications.

Congratulations to the 2023 NCEF Scholarship Award Winners!

Bridges to Success

Clackamas High School

Trinity Porotesano


Milwaukie High School

Melanie Johnson

Rex Putnam High School

Marisa Segura Mooers

Clackamas Middle College

Alyssa Lightner

Josh Critchett Memorial Scholarship

  • Christopher Vo, Clackamas High School


Joe Krumm Memorial Scholarship

  • Isabelle Reksopuro, Clackamas High School

  • Joshua Lee, Clackamas High School

Alex Hudson Memorial Scholarship

  • Zachary Anderson, Clackamas High School

Bapubhai B. Patel & Joseph A. Krumm Memorial Scholarship

in Broadcasting and Social Media

  • Violet Precourt, Rex Putnam High School

Leo Browne Instrumental Music Scholarship

  • Lillian Sorensen, Adrienne C. Nelson High School

Harold Taylor Memorial Scholarship

  • Megan Wilson, Clackamas High School

  • Zion Mesfin, Rex Putnam High School

Oaknell Scholarship

  • Emilia Rivera, Rex Putnam High School 

Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Scholarship

  • Keyairra Branaugh, Adrienne Nelson High School

Sandi DePaepe Memorial Scholarship

  • Cammie Horner, Clackamas High School

  • Grace McMurray, Clackamas High School

Hill STEM Scholarship

  • Annelise Crook, Milwaukie High School

Interested in establishing a new scholarship fund?

Please contact the North Clackamas Education Foundation office at, or call 503-353-6053.

NCEF has helped a number of people and organizations to set up new, named scholarship funds.

Together, we can help NCSD students to succeed!

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