Now Accepting Enrichment Grant Applications

You can submit your program to raise funds through Fund-A-Teacher at any time during the year.


Everyone who submits an approved application will be posted online in order to receive donations through our community crowdfunding Fund-A-Teacher program.  



Grant/Fund A Teacher application.

Introducing our new 'Fund A Teacher' program!


The North Clackamas Education Foundation is always looking for new ways to support teachers in our community. It is important for us to make sure teachers have the tools they need to be successful in their classrooms. The 'Fund A Teacher' online program gives teachers access to the community for crowd funding, with minimal work on their part. All teachers have to do is submit their project through our online Enrichment Grant/Fund A Teacher application and NCEF staff and volunteers will get their project posted to the web! From there teachers can share their projects through social media and parents can share the projects with their friends, in order to reach potential donors. When money has been collected NCEF sends a check to the teacher for their raised funds.

100% of the money raised through this program goes directly to the teachers!

NCEF Awarded an Enrichment Grant for $1,348 to Christopher Hosman at Linwood Elementary. The program 'Exploring the World Through Virtual Reality' gives students an amazing opportunity to explore the world and the universe as never before possible.

NCEF Awarded an Enrichment Grant for $1,348 to Christopher Hosman at Linwood Elementary. The program 'Exploring the World Through Virtual Reality' gives students an amazing opportunity to explore the world and the universe as never before possible.

NCEF Enrichment Grants


Grant/Fund A Teacher application.

NCEF will award a minimum of $35,000  a year to programs which meet our Enrichment Grant criteria guidelines. NCEF will select grants according to our scoring rubric and grants will be funded in two ways -- One) NCEF will make up the difference between funds already raised through the 'Fund A Teacher' program and the total funds needed for the project or Two) NCEF will fund a project in its entirety if no other funds have been received. All Enrichment Grant/'Fund A Teacher' applicants will be posted online. A program does not need to meet the Enrichment Grant criteria in order to raise and receive funds through the 'Fund A Teacher' program, but only those programs which meet the criteria will be considered by NCEF to receive a grant award. Applicants will be able to declare in the application if they are seeking eligibility for an Enrichment Grant award.

Enrichment Grant Information for Applicants

In writing the application, please keep in mind NCEF’s mission statement: Bridging the gap to ensure students are engaged and ready to learn.


Matching funds solicited by applicants are strongly encouraged -- Once your project is posted on the NCEF Fund A Teacher webpage applicants are strongly encouraged to use the site to share their project through social media, and any other applicable methods, in order to solicit funding. Any sources and amount of such funding not secured through NCEF or their website should be included in the application as well as any fundraising plans. Community and parent involvement are also strongly encouraged.


NCSD teachers/staff may submit only one application as a project coordinator.


Full or partial funding may be awarded for grants selected. We do not usually fund transportation, food, or rewards. We do not fund staff salaries or consultant fees. The average grant size is from $800 to $1,500.


We prefer to fund projects that are innovative, replicable by other District teachers, likely to be sustained through other funding or resources, and that will benefit future classes beyond the grant year.


A brief, final report is required and should include pictures.


Selection Criteria

Preference is given to proposals that meet the following criteria:

    • Original, innovative, and engaging for students

    • Supplements and enhances the adopted district curriculum and goals

    • Clear and concise objectives, work plan, and evaluation

    • Has a high probability of success

    • Replicable: Include a plan to share with other teachers in the district or for use in future classes beyond the grant year

    • Sustainable or likely to leverage other sources of funding

    • Includes active participation by parents, community, or other school staff

    • Involves a greater scope and involvement of all students: IEP, TAG, etc.

NCEF Teacher and Classroom Enrichment Grant Requests Should Align with NCSD’s Goals for Student Achievement and Equity by:

    • Aligning with K-12 curricula

    • Providing extended student learning interventions and enrichments

    • Supporting inclusive learning environments

    • Removing barriers to equitable student outcomes

    • Addressing key performance indicators to ensure quality graduates