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Applications are due Wednesday, July 24th. Thank you!

NCEF is always looking for new ways to support NCSD educators so that you have the tools you need to be successful.

In addition to helping our schools through 
district program grants and discretionary grants, NCEF supports teachers in two ways: by promoting your projects through our Fund-a-Teacher program, and by funding your enrichment grant requests.

NCEF Enrichment Grants​​

NCEF awards more than $35,000 per year to NCSD teacher-led programs which meet our Enrichment Grant guidelines

You can submit enrichment grant applications through the portal located at the bottom of this page. This form doesn't save your progress, so we recommend working on your responses offline, using NCEF's enrichment grant application worksheet. This will also help you to get an accurate word count.


Our Fund-a-Teacher program is getting a new look over the summer and will be back up and running after the start of the school year.


24-25 Fall Educator Enrichment Grants are open!

Enrichment Grant Information for Applicants

Please be sure to read our Enrichment Grant Guidelines for full instructions.

In writing the application, please keep in mind NCEF’s mission statement: Bridging the gap to ensure students are engaged and ready to learn.


NCSD teachers/staff may submit only one application as a project coordinator.


Full or partial funding may be awarded for grants selected. No grant request is too small, it is only important that it positively impacts students and the learning environment. To ensure we can reach as many schools and educators as our resources allow, we ask that requests be no more than $2,000.


We prefer to fund projects that are innovative, replicable by other District teachers, likely to be sustained through other funding or resources, and that will benefit future classes beyond the grant year.


A brief, final report is required and should include pictures.


Selection Criteria

NCEF wants to fund projects that are innovative, replicable by other NCSD teachers, likely to be sustained through other funding or resources, and that will benefit future classes beyond the grant year.

Applications must address the following criteria:

• The core concept is original and innovative.

• The project supplements and enhances the adopted district curriculum and goals.

• A high probability of success is likely, and there’s a plan in place to share the project with other teachers in the district or for use in future classes beyond the grant year.

• The project has clear and concise objectives, and tangible strategies in mind for evaluating its impact.

• The project demonstrates a positive impact on the learning environment.

• Parents, community members, or other school staff are active participants.

• The budget is reasonable and sustainable, and/or likely to attract other sources of funding. If you already have some project funding, please include the source and amount in your application, as well as your future fundraising plans. Address if you have PTA/PTO or Booster Club funding available.

• A wide range of students will be positively impacted. Describes the inclusion of DEIA practices, and students who are ELL. Also addresses the inclusion of students on 504 or IEP plans, or in TAG.

Click the button below to access the Enrichment Grant application form.
You must be logged into your North Clackamas Schools email account to access and complete the form.

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