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Class of 2023 Scholarship Recipients

NCEF is honored to announce that $59,500 worth of scholarships were awarded to the North Clackamas Class of 2023. NCEF awarded 19 scholarships to 17 students in 6 schools. These students will use their scholarships to attend trade schools, community colleges, and four year universities. Please enjoy these excerpts from thank you letters sent by the recipients:

“I plan to major in architecture, and I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to pursue my interest!" Vsevolod, Clackamas High School

“Thank you so much for this scholarship, it has opened up so many new possibilities that I never thought I would have the ability to go after. I am extremely thankful and can't wait to get the education I have dreamed of thanks to this scholarship. I am looking forward to my future of making the world a better place in any way that I can. Thank you!" Melanie, Milwaukie High School

“When I heard my name called, I was in a state of shock with disbelief and appreciation. Please know that with this money I will work hard to further my education and be the best student I can be at Oregon State University Cascades in Bend.” Megan, Clackamas High School

"I am so excited to begin my freshman year at the University of Oregon School of Music, and your scholarship will help me accomplish my goal of becoming a high school band director. My participation in band has been such a positive experience, and I hope to create the same kind of supportive environment for my future students.” Lillie, Adrianne C Nelson High School

"With your help I'm able to feel lighter knowing that part of my tuition will be covered, allowing me to focus that energy into the transition into college. Thank you again, your kindness means the world to me!” Annelise, Milwaukie High School

“This is going to help me immensely in getting through college. A college education is important to me, so I'm just so grateful for this blessing!” Cammie, Clackamas High School

“Thank you again for your support; your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality. I hope to one day give back and help other students achieve their own goals!” Alyssa, Clackamas Middle College

Thank you to everyone who made these scholarships possible! None of this could happen without the support of our community.

If you would like to help support our next graduating class, please consider donating. Your contribution, big or small, makes an enormous difference. Please visit If you’d like to read more about the scholarships NCEF offers, please visit

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