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Happy New Year!

With your help, NCEF gives North Clackamas students the gift of learning.

Happy New Year! We hope you're feeling excited about the year ahead. Here at NCEF, we're feeling very grateful for your commitment to North Clackamas students.

From the very beginning of the 2020-21 school year, there was a lot that was outside of our collective control. From the pandemic to wildfires, our community faced serious challenges.

However, even at the most difficult moments, supporters like you never stopped caring about young learners, bridging gaps in school funding to make sure that students had the tools they need to succeed. In short, you made an incredible impact, giving the gift of learning to thousands of kids.

As NCEF enters 2021, we're more passionate than ever about fighting for students. But we can't keep the lights on with enthusiasm alone. That's why we're asking for donations to NCEF's general fund, which makes it possible for us to run our programs for local students, teachers and families.

Please, if you can, give today to support quality public education for North Clackamas students. (And if you already have, thank you! 💓)

P.S. You can double the power of your tax-deductible gift by checking with your HR department to see if your company offers a matched giving program. Here's a partial list of local employers who definitely do.


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