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NOW OPEN: Fall Educator Enrichment Grants!

Exciting news! Educator Enrichment Grants for Fall 2023 are NOW OPEN. Are you an educator that knows what would make your classroom even better? Do you know an educator who has a big dream for their school? Now is the time to apply! NCEF is accepting applications through midnight on August 4th.

An important note before you apply: there are new guidelines for our Educator Enrichment Grants. Please be sure to review them carefully before submitting your applications. We love funding projects that help us meet our objective of ensuring all students are engaged and ready to learn! No grant request is too small, it is only important that it positively impacts students and the learning environment. To ensure we can reach as many schools and educators as our resources allow, we ask that requests be no more than $2,000. We have funded projects in the past that include math manipulatives, theater equipment, money to start student equity groups, reading programs, and science lab supplies.

You can access the application, along with more information, here.

Let's spread the word: when you see this announcement on our social media pages, feel free to share the post in your stories or send the post directly to an educator you know. Thank you! And thank you to our amazing sponsors, supporters, and community, for making this possible.


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