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Class of 2022 Scholarship Recipients

NCEF is honored to announce that $86,450 worth of scholarships were awarded to the North Clackamas Class of 2022. NCEF awarded 29 scholarships to 26 students in 6 schools. Every single scholarship had an application, a mighty cause for celebration. These students will use their scholarships to attend trade schools, community colleges, and four year universities. Students aspire to be chefs, dentists, social workers, radiologists, teachers, chemists, and artists. We are honored to be able to support them on their journeys forward!

Please enjoy these excerpts from thank you letters sent by the recipients:

“I was absolutely thrilled and honored to learn I was selected as a recipient for this scholarship award. It means a lot to me and will be helpful in my college journey." Georgia, Clackamas Web Academy

"I truly appreciate the effort that was put into providing me and students like myself support for the next stages of our lives. It is a great blessing and honor to receive this scholarship…I hope that others in the future also receive this opportunity from great providers like you! Thank you once again." Daniel, Clackamas High School

This scholarship will help me achieve my dreams of making the world a more inclusive place for those with mental health issues and disabilities.” Emilyanne, Nelson High School

"Thank you so much for these scholarships and for making it possible to attend my dream college. I will forever be grateful and remember your help in bettering my education." Ashtyn, Milwaukie High School

"Thank you for choosing me to receive this scholarship. I will use this money to pay for my college tuition as I attend my first year at Oregon State University. Thank you for this generous scholarship, and I will use it wisely over this next year." Jack, Clackamas Middle College

"Thank you for the privilege of receiving the Josh Critchett Memorial Scholarship! I hope to honor Josh's memory as I continue to live out my faith in my community at Oregon State University." Ella, Clackamas High School

I hope to share my knowledge with my future students and give back to the community. I feel so fortunate and flatter to have been selected for the honor of the Future Educator Scholarship. It means the world to me." Addison, Clackamas High School

Thank you to everyone who made these scholarships possible! Because of you, the financial burden on students pursuing higher education will be lessened.

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